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B2C in China's "money" King

B2C Development in China

Recalling the development of electronic commerce, different companies take a different road, the risk for foreign investment tired and lose their competitive advantage are; there is no perfect business profit model, there were early mortality; lack of funds, acquisition of a transformation . Currently the new economy in the development process, met the objective necessity of integration, has been greatly undermined the confidence of those who eagerly looked forward to, and caused the Internet bubble of Guangfanzhenglun.

B2C in China has experienced more than a year of development, the 8848 creation of e-commerce development in China a sign; in 2000 as a watershed in two phases. Overall: early embryonic development of the process is the integration of the late, landing stage.

China's B2C model traversed by planting, budding flowers, suffered wind and rain, practical floor of the development process. Whether B2B or B2C only conceptual theorists and media speculation and capital speculators things, the entity operating the company already worked out its own development model. Internet economy era is a small but strong consumption age. To meet the 4C: consumer demand (consumer'swantsandneeds) consumption cost (cost) consumer convenience (convenience) consumer interaction (com 顎?munication) as the basic objective of market operators, consumer-centered philosophy as customer service, all to the need for Center is its basic characteristics. From the traditional marketing concepts to analyze the Internet industry and market, the same is correct.

B2C experience more than a year of development, gradually fade out of sight media speculation, but the B2C market in China is growing increasingly evident advantage of the existing value: to achieve zero inventory sales; to the release time of goods to achieve significant cross-boundary; to achieve rapid product The globalization of sales; to foreign goods with excellent platform to introduce to China and other. It should be said, B2C advantages of these developments is China's real conditions and environment to create business opportunities.

Currently, B2B has become more concerned about capital market and the industry model. However, when the development of B2B in China, this model's inherent weakness in China as shown. The B2B world is in a confused stage. Particularly in China, enterprises are not as mature a market economy environment necessary for business information as urgent. B2B e-commerce implementation is looking beautiful. In fact, Chinese companies face reform and accession to the WTO, the Chinese enterprises to create a unique opportunities for innovation --- in particular, through the Internet and e-commerce to achieve innovation, but the question is: from a planned economy to a market economy in the face real difficulties is unprecedented --- information is for business, not the most important issue to be addressed with great urgency. The difficulty of such a depth, which greatly hampered the development of China's B2B e-commerce. E-commerce development in China, B2B B2C greater than the difficulties encountered.

By contrast, B2C After a year of development, reflected in the market is more characteristic of e-commerce with Chinese characteristics. Evolved and B2C consumer base, ultimately the development of end-market B2B, B2C and B2B can be said that the development should be said to complement each other and co-promotion.

The overall business environment for B2C

Recently, the Ministry of Information Industry of the survey indicated that: the overall environment for e-commerce in China at an early stage, based on e-commerce in China is relatively weak.

In 1999, China's total online spending is 55 million yuan, only accounting for the whole society a small percentage of total retail sales, this year's total of 1690 million people online, participate in online shopping in only 16.28%.

Ministry of Information Industry survey: China's online shopping 70 times lower than in the United States. Online trading volume is only 0.02%, but for e-commerce service satisfaction, the world average is 90% higher in China to 80% of the respondents lack confidence in online shopping, but 90% of the respondents are willing to try online shopping. Internet shopping is quietly changing the type of people, senior citizens and young type online shoppers shoppers are actively trying to type and to become the next mainstream crowd, and the majority of women shopping online.

Above survey shows that: the market cultivation conditions on the B2C perspective: B2C target groups belong to the individual consumer, the same level of consumer spending and consumer demand for psychology training is relatively easy to implement and can quickly form a consumer group. Initial experience of people online consumer mentality is an attempt, but the formation of loyal consumers is necessarily need to go beyond the traditional quality of service guarantee. Currently, the leading try-based shopping is still not yet used to model the formation of a stable customer base and online shopping. Therefore, to maintain customer loyalty for B2C e-commerce companies, has become an important direction for operations.

In addition, analysis of China and the United States the development of different market conditions, can be found: The United States has a good market environment, the community's ability to accept new things is quite strong. In China, the credit system is not perfect, low popularity of computers, online payment difficulties, poor distribution system, all objectively reflect the level of the Chinese e-commerce is still relatively low.

But the study also show that: the development of B2C business advantage more than the United States. China's online consumers, the cost to attract a lower cost than the United States several times, and Chinese regional broad, regional differences in large, uneven economic development, new products and technology for consumers throughout the country. Traditional business forms can not be provided when customers need products and services, to create a profitable online marketing space. Recently, McKinsey & Company survey showed that: In China's B2C model can be profitable.

The development of a new stage of China's B2C

Let us recall this popular event in China B2C. Devaluation E State swelters launched this year and a half hours of powerful online ordering service, China e-commerce take off the emperor's new clothes, truly come to the example of people's lives; Chinese ICP boss Sina, this summer launched its own Online Shopping Mall; as important to the future development of B2C in the middle of evaluation information to support, well-known consumer rating website E315 determine their business value chain in the value-added location; in ICP E 顎?second party team

LONG with the basis of its own content services involved in the field of e-commerce travel information; traditional B2C website: cool must, SAN FRANCISCO, LALASHO so perfect is also developing its own mature business model. 8848, in a sense at the beginning of the transition team for the second party's B2C Web site provides more room for development. Sparkice EC123 market development in Beijing is even based on good customer service to consumer trust, online marketing has become the vanguard of the capital; in Shanghai, eBay, etc. are all polygonal 缁忚惀 Chang Shi B2C area.

Recently, the Chinese IT giant Lenovo Group introduced early next year --- ICP services ( and its online shop after the 35.37 million U.S. dollars more to the huge M & A investment and consumption-oriented people, in the online securities information services When a powerful advantage to win through, inroads into the Chinese e-commerce services market, that the development of China's B2C break into the theory, a bold new phase of practice. Strong investment in China's IT backbone for the development of China's B2C tremendous turn for the better.

Rallied together to dispute, and the brightest into the B2C. Traditional international mail order companies (such as McCaw Lin, Otto - 700, etc.) has built up its own unique "mail-order + B2C" the new model; auction and bidding site transition, looking for more online information reflects the value of value-added and interactive services B2C business model.

For accurate positioning of the business model is: profit in the future, but cut into the time has come; information on value-added services have been inevitable; to establish the value of existing rules of the industry must also rise to industry-wide attention.



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